DONT BE SAD by Sadam Hassan Sheikh Madey

I know that there are so many of us here today,
when we reflect about our own challenges in
life; as I said no matter what your gender, or
what your age, everyone has their own set of
challenges; everyone of us has their own set of
problems that he or she deals with. It might be
a job that you lost, or a business that you’re
struggling with. Or maybe a boss or an
employee that is giving you a hard time and
sometimes it can be very painful and stressful;
Also, a marriage that is not working out; or a
debt that you cannot climb yourself out of. It
could be a love that you were not be able to
fulfill in the halal way; someone that you wished
to marry. A young man or a young girl, who are
in love with someone, they couldn’t get the one
that they love. Or sometimes the challenge will
be a social problem; maybe your in-laws are
giving you a hard time, or maybe you have
relatives who have taken your rights and have
been abusing you. Maybe it’s even somebody
close to you. Maybe it’s a problem dealing with
parents. Maybe it’s a problem of dealing with
your teenager. A son or a daughter, that is
giving you a hard time. Or you’re so worried
about them. Or maybe it’s a sickness; a physical
sickness. Maybe it’s stress. I can think of so
many things every individual can go through.
And also not only as individuals we have our
own problems, we as a community have our
own challenges as well. So many times we
complain about a shortage of volunteers, the
shortage of financial support from the
community. We sometimes have a challenge as a
community, some people feel that they’ve been
discriminated against. Maybe as a community
we see the high rise of the number of
unemployment in our community. We as a
society have problems. And just last week, we
all witnessed what happened in Newtown,
Connecticut. As a society, as a community, we
have a lot of challenges ahead of us. Actually,
globally there are so many problems one can
think of. There are so many problems, social,
economic, environmental . I know that all of you
can mention so many problems out there.
I’m also a hundred percent sure that there are
so many solutions out there. As many as there
are problems out there, there are as many
solutions out there. Because the Prophet said:
There is no disease, there is no problem, unless
there is a cure and a solution for it. And ibn al
Qayyim rahimaullah said, it will be very, very,
narrow-minded to look at this hadith and only
see it as the physical illness. This is a very
general statement of the Prophet .
It’s not what happened to us in life that is the
most important thing. Actually, the most
important thing is what we are doing with what
happened to us in life. And then the question
that I want to raise with you in my khutbah,
I’m not here to remind you of all your pains.
I’m not here to talk about your challenges and
remind you of them and tell you how hard it is
to get out of them. I’m here to tell you that you
will not live a life free of challenges. I’m here to
tell you that you don’t need to face them alone.
You can face them with the advice of a sincere
friend, or the support of a community, or the
support of your family. And in this way, we can
all face our challenges, and we can overcome


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